Running, Walking and General Movement Patterns

Every injury has a cause. Many people do not have a single event that can be traced to an injury. To help us identify poor movement patterns and potential causes for dysfunction, we employ visual equipment to analyze your bio-mechanics. To truly understand the course of many injuries, one must uncover the reason for the injury. We are able to analyze and break-down the mechanics of almost any activity and any faults that may lead to injuries. Once discovered, the faults can be corrected, resulting in quicker recovery time.

Bio-mechanical evaluations start by going over your range of motion, starting at the foot and moving up the body or kinetic chain.  We also identify any muscle weakness or imbalance that may be present.  We then compare those values to normal ranges of motion/strength values and give you the appropriate stretches, exercises, or proprioceptive drills to improve your overall mobility, strength, balance, and/or proprioception. We address your complaint, but also look at the surrounding structures to address any compensation as well.