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I appreciate how professional, knowledgeable, and caring, Kristen is, she is helping me learn a lot about exercise.



Heidi, thanks for getting me back on the court!  I’ll never forget your name either lol.




To Bettina and Staff,
A big Thank You for your awesome therapy sessions and the 110% success we’ve had with my shoulder replacement!!
L. Kingland,


Dear Bettina,
Your caring staff is to be commended.  Kristen has gone above and beyond my highest expectations. She has ingrained a deep shift training program in my mind and body causing me to be pain-free in both my knee and shoulder repairs.  I am pain-free for the first time since December 2005.  Trained for life is the best description of her works.
Also, Donna has used her healing energies and transferred that positive force into healing my right shoulder.  I and other patients of Columbia Gorge Physical Therapy can use her healing hands anytime our body has a “dis-ease” to correct it’s energy.
Scott Haanstad, Principle – PrecisionMeds Inc.
Scott Haanstad, Principle - PrecisionMeds Inc.,



Bettina & Team, Injuries especially at an older age really knock the wind out of your spirit. So…… to all of you @ Columbia Gorge Physical Therapy – Thank You!



I was so impressed at the level of expertise & time you have given me. Your knowledge and commitment in all areas was unsurpassed, but I’m most impressed with the total TEAM work – You Rock! Best to All,
Cathy B.,



Bettina is awesome! I have been working with her for my neck and back for a while now and thanks to her and her knowledgeable staff, advice and guidance, I am finally able to get back to Kiteboarding, Climbing, Mountain biking, and the rest of the Gorge activities we know and love so well.
As a Professional Outdoor Adventure Photographer my schedule and life is amazing – but is also punishing to my body – sometimes carrying heavy loads, camera equipment on top of climbing equipment can really take it’s toll…
When things get strained physically – they got me back in fighting form. Because of that, today, I am able to walk back into my gym (the Gorge) and enjoy the things I love.
A great group of people to work with proving that PT really does work… You can tell that everyone there really cares about your health and well-being – in every aspect of what they do and how they care… A Big THANK YOU to the whole crew at Columbia Gorge Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine.
Richard Hallman,



I couldn’t have asked for a more friendly staff to work with. Over the three months of rehab, Columbia Gorge PT became like a family to me. I highly recommend their services.
Alexa Shuman,