Melissa Vovou – Certified Pilates Instructor

Melisa Vovou - Certified Pilates InstructorMelissa Vovou is a long term devotee of Pilates.

Born and raised in Hood River, Oregon, her career as a professional dancer took her to the Bay Area, New York, Las Vegas, Russia and the Caribbean. During those years she discovered the healing and strengthening benefits of Pilates. Wanting to become a certified instructor in order to share the genius of Joseph Pilates’ method with others, she took prerequisite hours with Virginia Thomas, who became her friend and colleague. Melissa obtained her certification through Power Pilates in New York under master teachers, “elders” who trained under the direct lineage of the disciples of Mr. Pilates himself.

During the next several years she taught classical Pilates in New York, Las Vegas, and Hood River, where she currently lives, works and plays.

Joseph Pilates, son of a naturopath and a prize-winning gymnast, studied both Eastern and Western forms of exercise, including yoga. Rehabilitating clients from injury and disease, he designed apparatus and developed his own system of exercises. In 1926, he opened a gym in New York City, and soon became the “go to” person for the injured dancers of George Balanchine and Martha Graham. Once a well kept secret of dancers, “Pilates” has become a household word because it is so effective.

Melissa believes the Pilates method is an essential foundation for a total mind/body workout for everyone. In her teaching, she draws from her background as a massage therapist and dancer. Her love of movement, fascination with body mechanics and keen eye for alignment (yes, and misalignment) inspire her practice.

Working with her clients, whether they are an athlete, dancer, weekend warrior, couch potato, or anywhere in between, gives her great pleasure. Melissa would love to share your excitement as you become less stressed, more pain free, leaner, taller, stronger, and more confident.